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Biztosítás közvetítő

Main tasks, works


We are looking for people to join our subsidiary (Omniagent Ltd) who like to talk to people over the phone and expect to receive a commensurate income for high performance.

The role of the employee is to explain the features, benefits and advantages of the insurance product to the target person based on the given outline of the conversation and explain the promotional options and then conclude the insurance over the phone (No face to face meeting required.)

Expectations of the post

  • MNB dependent insurance broking license or a college/university degree.

  • At least one year experience in face-to-face or telephone insurance sales.

  • Good communication, reasoning skills.

To be considered for the post, you will have the following advantages

  • More than one year of experience as an insurance intermediary.

What we offer

  • High commission!

  • No income cap.

  • No need to find clients, the company will provide.

  • You can build a career that provides long term income.

  • Stable insurance background.

Working hours, employment


6 or 8 hours working time,




No language skills required,

experience as an insurance intermediary



Net salary

Net salary 200 eFt - 450 eFt per month



Travel allowance to work.

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