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The data management information of Homecall Plus Kft. On the principles and practice of data protection and data management.

Homecall Plus Kft., As the operator of (the “Website”), hereby publishes its data protection and data management principles, which it acknowledges to be mandatory for itself.

I. Data management

1. Purpose of data management Homecall Plus kft. The purpose of its data management is to keep the customer records required by the legislation governing our activities, in particular the services provided to our customers, in particular:  we can provide appropriate call services or, with the special consent of our customers, we can provide them with offers for additional services. Homecall Plus Ltd. its main activity is call center service. It also aims to solicit the consent of registered members for direct marketing purposes in order to solicit business through e-mail, SMS, MMS and telecommunications. 2. Data of the data controller The data controller is the operator of the website, Homecall Plus Kft. Company registration number: 05-09-024708 Represented by: Molnár Péter Gábor Telephone number: 06 20 377 13 17 Data management registration number: NAIH-103318/2016. The Data Controller is responsible for the preparation of this Data Management Information (the “Information”), for the observance and control of its contents, and for the implementation of the necessary changes. The current version of the prospectus is available on the website.

2. Homecall Plus Ltd., 3535 Miskolc, Kuruc utca 21. 3/2 The data is processed by Homecall Plus Ltd.

3. Management of personal data

Personal data processed for bidding:

• name

• birth name

• Company name

• electronic mail address (e-mail)

• telephone number


Data that can be provided through the website, recall option In order to get to know the products recommended on the website in full, in case of interest, the personal data of the person using the website ("User") must be provided for the contract related to the given product. The following information is required when filling in the recall request form and the offer admission form:


phone number,

electronic mail address (e-mail),

Date of birth,

settlement service name.

4. Purpose and duration of data processing

The data controller uses the data to provide the services available on the website, in particular for the following purposes:

- registration of recall requests submitted through the website, contacting the Users in connection with each user request;

- the data provided during the filling in of the offer form on the website is stored for statistical purposes only, they will be used for marketing purposes only if the User has subscribed to the newsletter; or accepted the privacy statement.

- Contact, the primary purpose of which is to properly inform the Users, to deal with any technical problems that may arise efficiently and quickly, and to send system messages in connection with the service;

- Homecall Plus kft, 3535 Mikolc, Kuruc utca 21. 3/2 a Homecall PlusKft. to send promotional information about its products and services and promotions, as well as electronic newsletters, other advertising messages, telephone calls for business purposes, and inquiries for business policy purposes.

The Data Controller handles the personal data during the existence of the purpose of data processing, ie primarily in connection with the posting of advertisements on the website, or until the User requests the deletion of his data or withdraws his consent.

5. Legal basis for the processing of personal data

By providing personal data, Users consent to the Data Controller's handling of their personal data. The processing of personal data is based on the voluntary consent of the User in the knowledge of this information. website. If they do not provide their own personal data, the informant is obliged to obtain the data subject's consent.

6. The scope of personal information

Only the Data Controller has the right to access the personal data. Homecall PlusKft.a makes every technical effort for the secure storage of the Users' data. The Data Controller shall treat the information generated during the provision of the data specified in point 1 with the utmost care and in strict confidence. Administrators of the Data Controller have different rights in the management of data: some administrators have full access, others only limited access and authorization.

7. Rights of Users

At the request of the User, the Data Controller shall provide information on the personal data processed by the User, their source, the purpose, legal basis and duration of the data processing, and - in case of transfer of the personal data of the data subject - the legal basis and recipient of the data transfer. The information can be requested by e-mail: at the e-mail address and by post to the following postal address: Homecall Plus kft 3535 Miskolc, Bajcsy Zsilinszky Endre út 17. In both cases, by proving the identity and providing the mailing address . The data controller shall respond in writing no later than within 15 (fifteen) days from the receipt of the request. The user is entitled to request the correction of his / her personal data (indicating the correct data) also at the e-mail address or at the postal address of Homecall Plus kft, 3535 Miskolc, Bajcsy Zsilinszky Endre út 17, in both cases with proof of identity and by specifying. The data controller shall immediately make the correction in its register and notify the data subject in writing.

Homecall Plus Ltd., 3535 Miskolc, Kuruc utca 21. 3/2 In addition to the above, the user may at any time request the deletion or blocking of his / her data - in part or in full - at the e-mail address or by post at 3535 Miskolc, Bajcsy Zsilinszky út 17. at a postal address free of charge, without justification, with proof of identity and a postal address. Upon receipt of the cancellation request, the Data Controller shall immediately ensure the termination of the data processing and shall delete the User from its register. Instead of deleting, the Data Controller will block the personal data if the User so requests or if, based on the information available to him, it can be assumed that the deletion would harm the legitimate interests of the User. Personal data blocked in this way may only be processed for as long as the purpose of the data processing, which precluded the deletion of personal data, exists. If the Data Controller does not comply with the User's request for rectification, blocking or deletion, he shall notify the factual and legal reasons for the rejection of the request for rectification, blocking or deletion in writing within 30 days of receipt of the request. If the request for rectification, erasure or blocking is rejected, the Data Controller shall inform the User of the possibility of legal redress and recourse to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority. The User may object to the processing of his / her personal data if the processing or transfer of personal data is necessary only for the fulfillment of a legal obligation to the Data Controller or to enforce the legitimate interests of the Data Controller, the data recipient or a third party; if the use or transfer of personal data is for the purpose of direct business acquisition, public opinion polling or scientific research; and in other cases specified by law. The Data Controller shall examine the protest as soon as possible, but not later than within 15 days from the submission of the request, make a decision on the merits of the request and inform the applicant in writing of its decision. If the User does not agree with the decision of the Data Controller, or if the Data Controller fails to comply with the above deadline, the User may apply to a court within 30 days from the notification of the decision or the last day of the deadline.

II. Cookies

1.) Information collected in connection with the use of the Website If the User does not explicitly provide personal data or information on the Website as described in Part I, the Data Controller shall not collect or process any personal data relating to the User in a manner that By visiting the website, all Users agree that the Data Controller shall comply with this Part II of the Prospectus. This data is the data of the User's login computer, which is generated during the use of the Website and which is recorded by the Data Management System as an automatic result of the technical processes. The data that is automatically recorded by Homecall Plus kft., 3535 Mikolc, Kuruc utca 21. 3/2 is automatically logged by the system when visiting or exiting the Website, without the User's separate statement or action. This data is not linked to other personal user data, ie the User cannot be identified on the basis of this data. Only the Data Controller has access to such data. This data can be collected using a variety of technologies, such as cookies, web beacons, and log files. Such data includes the following information: Cookies: Cookies are short text files that a website sends to a user's computer hard drive. and information about the user. Log files: the Internet browser automatically transmits certain other data to the website, such as the IP address of the User's computer (eg, the type of operating system or browser used by the User, the domain name from which the user accesses the website Homecall Plus Ltd. displays its advertisements on Internet sites with the help of external service providers (including Google). External service providers (including Google) store cookies using external service providers (including Google). that the user has previously visited the Homecall Plus Kft. Visitors can use Ads Preferences to disable Google Analytics' display advertising features and customize ads on the Google Display Network. The Data Controller, like other ISPs, analyzes this data to determine which areas of the website are more popular than others. Furthermore, like other major service providers, this data is used by the Data Controller to tailor the website experience to the needs of the user.

2.) How the information is used The data collected with the above-mentioned technologies may not be used to identify the User, and the Data Controller does not link this data with any other data that may be identifiable. can be operated, which requires, in particular, the monitoring of traffic data to the Website and the prevention of possible abuses related to the use of the Website. You may also use the data specified in this prospectus for the purposes of the Data Controller's personal preferences (eg the most frequently viewed content on the Website).

Homecall Plus kft, 3535 Mikolc, Kuruc utca 21. In addition to the above, the Data Controller may use this information to analyze usage trends or to improve and improve the functions of the Website, as well as to obtain comprehensive traffic data on the full use of the Website. information obtained in order to compile or analyze statistics on the use of the Website and to publish non-identifiable statistics (eg visitors, advertisers) in an anonymous manner. External server - Google Analytics and independent measurement and auditing of other web analytics data. Google Analytics can provide detailed information about how your data is handled by Google Analytics (

3.) Possibility to disable cookies If you do not want the Data Controller to collect the information described above about you in connection with your use of the Website, you may disable the use of cookies in part or in full in your Internet browser settings or otherwise change your cookie message settings. you agree that the content displayed on the Website will be displayed in an unsorted manner according to your preferences, that certain services will not be available or in the manner that would otherwise be enabled by cookies, and that the Data Controller will not be able to provide the same experience. 4.) Cookies placed by third parties: The Website may contain information, in particular advertisements, from third parties, advertising service providers who are not affiliated with Homecall Plus Ltd. Third parties may also place cookies, web beacons on a user's computer, or collect data using similar technologies in order to send a promotional message to the user in connection with their own services. In such cases, the data processing is governed by the data protection regulations set by third parties, and the Data Controller does not accept any responsibility for such data processing.III. take responsibility. If Homecall Pluskft becomes aware that the site or link to it infringes the rights of third parties or applicable law, it will immediately remove the link from the Website.IV.) Data Security Provisions The Data Controller undertakes to ensure the security of the data and technical and organizational measures

Homecall Plus kft, 3535 Mikolc, Kuruc utca 21. the rules of procedure that ensure that the recorded, stored and processed data are protected and prevent their destruction, unauthorized use and unauthorized alteration. It also undertakes to call on all third parties to whom the data is transmitted or handed over with the consent of the Users to comply with the data security requirements. and not modify or delete them. The processed data may only be accessed by the employees of the Data Controller, they shall not be transferred by the Data Controller to a third party who is not entitled to access the data. The Data Controller shall make every effort to ensure that the data is not accidentally damaged or destroyed. The Data Controller also imposes such data on employees involved in data processing activities. they apply to membership of an advocacy organization, health status, pathological passion, sexual life, and criminal history.V.) Enforcement possibilities The data controller makes every effort to ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with the law if you feel that we have not complied with it. , please write to us at or at 17 3535 Miskolc, Bajcsy Zsilinszky utca. If you feel that your right to the protection of personal data has been violated, the competent National Data Protection Authority and Freedom of Information Authority (address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / C.).

III.) Other provisions

Hungarian Law, in particular Act CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information, applies to this Prospectus. The provisions of this Act shall apply. The Data Controller reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Privacy Statement at any time with prior notice to those concerned.

Miskolc, 2016.08.01.Homecall Plus kft. Data controller

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