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For us, our clients come first. We always try to give more to make them happy with our service. The fact that we have been a stable partner for several years is positive feedback for us.

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Biztosítók logoi, Union, Metlife
The outbound campaign by Insurance Company

For more than fifteen years, our outbound sales campaigns have been run according to a well-established methodology. Our clients plan with our performance, our colleagues see the campaign as a career opportunity. We are ready to test this model in other sectors.

Étrend kiekészítő, amit forgalmazunk call center csatornán keresztül
International company

Our call centre sells 500 products of dietary supplements per day. Consumers are satisfied with our service, our colleagues have a stable job!

Lindt webshop logo, akinek telefonos ügyfélszolgálatát végezzük
Lindt webshop

We provide a telephone customer service, with online tool to track the visitor and call if were stucked in the shopping process. In this way we actively help to increase the traffic of the webshop.

Get to know our service, ask for a quote!

Medium Insurance Company in Hungary

Some of our telephone customer service menus are answered by our operators. After answering customer service responses,  increasing the customer value and experience was offered further products. If there are no incoming calls, outbound campaigns are handled by our operators, ensuring efficiency and thus creating added value for the insurer.

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