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Customer relationship for Online shops

Why outsource customer service to us from online shops?

  • We are removing the work from the webshop manager, leaving time for other things.

  • If there is a serious problem and the number of calls increases, we can handle it.

  • A professional team communicates with customers.

  • Incoming calls can be cross-sold, basket value can be increased.

  • We can filter the problem, not forward it to the contact person.

What are the typical requests for problems we solve?

  • Product information

  • Do we have the product in stock?

  • Request a change of address. (Consumers do not call the courier company.)

  • When will I receive my package?

  • Invoice request

  • Effective complaint handling

What do we provide?

  • Providing telephone customer service during weekday working hours.

  • Receiving emails

  • Chat management

Additional services

  • Providing an online telecommunications system

  • Studio-quality voice recording over the phone.

  • Providing a nice number.

  • Archiving conversations.

Main references

  • Lindt webshop

  • Cerbona webshop

Pay a predictable monthly fee for the service!

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